This section will be all about 3D. I presume that I will use this to talk about my 3D models in depth .. more or less .. with possible/probable links to them in my store



Overview There are many items that can go into this section - generally heavier items such as machinery, pipe etc.

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What is it? This is where I will stick things that support our infrastructure .. (hence the name) such as Storm Drain and Sanitary Sewer parts, sewer gratings, pole transformers etc. According to eSUB there are 8 types of infrastructure. I will cheat and use them as my subfolders as long as any others that...

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Overview Gas pumps, Store signs, Beer and Soda bottles etc.

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Overview I model in 1:48 - US O scale. Over time I have created models in various scales for friends and customers. This is an attempt to consolidate just a bit

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Overview River, Lake, Ocean .. anything to do with the water

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Printers and Stuff

Overview Printers, Resins and connected items

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Overview Jigs, stuff to help with modeling etc.

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Anything Else

Overview Just what it says .. anything that doesn't fit any of the categories above

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