Europe Standard 330ml

Fig 1

Through the ‘magic’ of the internet I managed to find a diagram complete with dimensions for the European Standard 330ml – Long Neck Beer Bottle.

You can click Fig 1 for a larger image. The dimensions are shown for 1:24 and full-size. This is everything I need to create a 3D CAD model in Sketchup.

Fig 2

With the sectional view of the bottle I could then use it to make a 3D model. Half the section is spun 360° with that section moved via the “Follow Me” tool which follows the path of the circle.

Fig 2 shows this.

Fig 3

Results. For this illustration I colored the glass green (Fig 3). Beer bottles are green or amble as a rule. There is no need for the bottles to be printed in a clear resin. Paint the bottle green or amber and follow up with a clear coat will work fine. The difference between a flat and gloss paint is due to the gloss paint having smaller paint particles and the the amount of paint-resin or binder in the paint also affects how glossy the paint is; the more binder in the paint, the glossier the paint will be.

For any bottle gloss paint would be the way to go.

Gray or Clear resin for the bottles

Here is a selection of bottles in varying colors.

  • Captain Morgan – amber .. you could ‘fake’ the lighter color at the neck with simply lightening the color there.
  • Momo Kawa – looks black to my eye but the camera picked up a blue tinge.
  • OldBay – a full bottle would be an orange-red
  • Siena – Black
  • Saki – Light Green
  • Michelob – black with a brown tint
  • Vodka – clear

Out of all of these only the clear Vodka bottle would need to be printed in a clear resin. The others can be painted with gloss paints.

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