A thing – once upon a time

Concrete phone booths were erected by the Delaware and Lehigh in the early 1900s near where railroad tracks reduced from four tracks to two. Telephone booths were installed near these railway reductions so that trainmen, dispatchers, rail yard employees and the ticketing office could better communicate with each other. Many railroads had concrete telephone booths in various styles. My version is similar to this photos  ofa Sothern Pacific booth.

Source Photo

My version. I use this photo to scale a Sketchup drawing. I forget where I swiped the photo from.

Sketchup Drawing

This is the drawing I created from the photo above. The door is Tichy 30″ x 90″ 5 panel O scale door – #2021..

Test Print

I printed the phone booth using a FDM printer. Like with other O scale concrete models the slight visible layers add to the look of the models .. IMO.

The Tichy #2021 door was used to size the door opening.


For the concrete color I used an acrylic .. ArtMinds Chalk Cocoon paint. This was the same paint used by Doug Foscale and Jason Jennings for concrete. Stains were a light and dark gray acrylic. The door was painted green with a rattle can using the hairspray technique to chip the paint.

On Layout

Finally, I sat the phone booth on my unfinished fuel dock to snap a photo under the layout lighting.