– Ships, die-cast cars. Matchbox and Hot Wheels use this scale to describe their vehicles, although the actual scale of the individual models varies from 1:55 to beyond 1:100. Same as S Scale. Also called ​3⁄16 in. scale. Known as 25 mm figure scale in wargaming circles.

Manhole Covers and Rings

26th June 2022 – I printed a 24″ diameter Manhole cover and accompanying ring using 0.025 mm layer height. While it does take longer there is an increase in apparent detail. I have “Sewer” written on the cover and while you can just make it out under magnification I doubt that it will be seen under normal conditions. This is simply due to the small size – the letters being .85 mm tall and .119 mm deep (proud of the surface)
While it is all well and good for someone who wants to model an open manhole cover .. I think most people would be quite happy to have a manhole cover and ring as a one piece so I drew several versions up in Sketchup.

I increased the depth to .219 mm .. see if that makes the lettering more visible during the next test print. I made the joint between the ring and cover .2 mm and the ring .3 mm wide. Hopefully that will print so it looks like the cover and ring are separate bits. I made the model 1 m thick which would require minimal say .. plaster .. to fill a road to the top of the ring.

The slight exaggeration to the vertical for the lettering by adding .1 mm to increase the letter height to .219 mm may help .. might not. One of the things that we have to keep in mind when modeling small details is that we often have to fool the eye. If it works .. great .. if not then we try something else.


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