I have another section titled ‘Structures and Stuff’ .. and it can overlap ‘Scenery and Stuff’ .. I think the operative word being ‘stuff’. To some extent this then is anything to do with scenery that fail to fall into a ‘structure’ category

Styrofoam Rocks

Rocking in Styrofoam Creating rocks in styrofoam can be a blast. You don't have to sweat the details so much as 'go with the flow'. In the following tutorial I used DOW blue styrofoam™. The characteristics vary as to different manufacturers, color and so on. I like the way the blue styrofoam 'chips'. The Kingspan...

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Rail Rest

Source Material Notes on Track: Construction and Maintenance, Volume 1 – by Walter Mason Camp – Pub 1904 Rail Rests Rail Rests—Spare rails, sometimes called “emergency” rails, should be kept on hand at convenient points about a mile apart—say at every mile post. They are needed to replace broken rails occasionally and are handy to...

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