Section I – Overflow and settling tanks

Overflow and Settling Tanks

Here in Section I we have the Overflow Tank – what it says .. overflow of water from the Jig tank. It is at this point that the water is pumped back to the Supply Tank to the start of the cycle. Settling tank – Where the coal and shale separate. From this tank the cleaned coal will moved to the coal tipple where the larry will be filled from. The Settling Tank allows the cleaned coal to settle to the bottom where it will be picked up by a conveyor belt and moved to the Larry Tipple.

None of the footings, mechanism, pumping and pipes or other metal work is covered here. That will be in Section IV.

Coal Washery – Section I : Parts

Section I - Part I Overflow / Settling Tank These two are really just the same big tank with a dividing wall between them. That will allow me to build it as one unit that can be moved as needed. Overflow/Settling Tank Sills There are six identical sills that support the Settling tank. In the...

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