The following was provided by John Stewart of the Newcastle Coal Company’s No.2 Mine Tipple, Newcastle Alabama


Aerial View

To the left center we have four rows of coke ovens. Just the ones in the photo represent something like 112 ovens – no telling how many more are outside the view.

Center bottom are the washers

No.2 Mine Plant – General View

This general view provides a lot of information for we modelers. The way the pipe is supported over the tracks, the building at the left front that is enveloped by ballast … from the look of the roof has been abandoned.

No.2 Tipple Side View

Again .. lots of good information here.

The little locomotive seems very tired.  The stacked stone retaining wall with trash cascading down the slope. Good stuff.

Mines and Minerals – December 1903 and 1904

This is pages 212 – 213 of the December 1903 issue, and pages 227 – 231 of the December 1904 issue of Mines and Minerals where it describes the process of Coal Washing at the Stewart Washer at New Castle, Alabama

1903 Mines & Minerals Stewart Washers
1904 Mines & Minerals Coal Washing in AL

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