Modge Podge and Grout

What to do .. what to do. I brushed Modge Podge on the surface then sifted (slopped) powdered grout (Spectra LOCK Part C) over the surface. I was a sloppy with the Modge Podge as some areas didn’t have any grout stick to it. Fine with me.

Of course .. now I had to watch it dry ……….


Next a coat of flat white .. kinda sorta thin in places .. on purpose for if the yellow shows through a bit .. fine with me. Concrete starts off a grayish color, changes to white as it dries and then can get a yellowish cast over time. Stains and such follow along.

.. and now .. of course ….. it had to dry before I continued with washes, stains and all the good stuff.


I used a couple of MIG washes I had .. A GRAY and a BROWN. Exactly which one doesn’t matter .. when you are weathering you use what comes to hand .. IMO. As washes they are a very, very thin paint and tint a surface. I jumped a bit ahead as I was/am planning to add some additional texture in the form of evidence of the forms used when the concrete was poured .. but I let the washes dry well overnight (solvent based).

Honestly I should have added the form evidence at the same time I added the texture… but forgot

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