Step Width

A major mistake was made when I made the steps 30″ wide. The problem being that I did not add enough width for the stanchions that support the railing. I think 30″ is about the minimum width required for steps which means .. the stanchions will need to be attached to the outside of the steps to leave that 30″ width.

Placing the railings

On the other hand the base .. foundation, stairs etc. were 3D printed on my FDM printer. That means I could open the Sketchup file and then virtually place the stanchions where they need to go. I have some 3/64″ brass rod which I will use for this. The plan is to flatten the bottom of each wire stanchion and attach that to the side of the structure.

There are some things to consider:

  • Attaching the stanchion to the base. Super glue will work but how well the stanchion adheres is questionable. If I simply glue to the side then the cement is adhering the stanchion to the paint. I could scrape down the the PLA the base is printed in so the glue adheres directly to that. A pin soldered to the flattened stanchion bottom could be inserted into the structure and glued securely.
  • The base is printed in PLA. This is printed at between 180° and 230° F. This means that the soldering needs to be done on the worktable. I could probably use a heat sink to assemble the railings in place but I think separately would work best.
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