Mimesis 18

The Link-Belt machines .. Coal Breaker, Crusher and Disintegrator differ in how ‘toothed’ the rollers are. Other then that they are very similar in that two rollers are locked together with large gears on a heavy frame. Since for my purposes the rollers will not even bee seen, enclosed in the shroud that we would see when looking at the machine, I focused on that. Using the Link-Belt Coal Breaker I modeled my own coal breaker. Since it is modeled to mimic the Link-Belt, I named my company Mimesis (means imitation, reproduction, mimicry).

My Mimesis 18 on the left is simply the Link-Belt Coal Breaker with 18-in dia rollers as a starting point. Just for fun I also rendered it as I could have come from the factory .. all shiny in bright paint.


Mimesis 18: It’s not that big a machine. I posed Gordon with the Mimesis 18. I am tempted to model the largest breaker (which would be approximately twice the size of the 18) simply because this is so small in O scale.
Following along the Link-Belt chart, this machine has a pair of rollers 18-in diameter and 24-in long. It has a shipping weight of 5,500 pounds and has a capacity of 20-tons per hour at 200 rpm. It requires 12 horsepower to drive it and will take a piece of coal up to 10×20 inches.

Mimesis 30: The Mimesis 30 would make for a better model. Here, I have Gordon posed with this machine.
Again, using the Link-Belt chart. This machine has a pair of rollers 30-in diameter and 36-in long. It has a shipping weight of 13,000 pounds and has a capacity of 75-tons per hour at 100 rpm. It requires 40 horsepower for operation and will take a piece of coal up to 18×30 inches.Just to put this in perspective running this breaker for 8 hours would break 600-tons of coal. This would be enough to charge 100 coke ovens. I rather like the larger size of this machine though. I can always explain that the owners of this little coking operation bought the breaker second-hand so the excess capacity was beside the point.

Hard Numbers

These are not really very large machines .. all things considered. Here I have massaged the numbers to show how the different models translates to actual size. I model in O scale and the Mimesis 18 (meaning is using 18″ dia rollers) can be located on the second column unde “Full Size”. Drop down to the O scale section of the chart and you can see that the Length (L) is only 1.860″ .. with the Mimesis 30 a 2.360″. The HO versions of course are 55% of that.

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