Rusty Stumps I-Beam Hoist – Pete’s Boat and Bait Shop in HO

If found a build of Rusty Stumps HO scale version of Pete’s Boat and Bait Ship with a close-up of the I-Beam hoist on Railroad Line Forum (page 3).

I am going to be talking about the O scale version – but – I should say that I had a hand in creating both versions. Honestly .. I can’t remember if I started with a sketch from Walt Gillespie or I modified a design of his (I have a vague memory that it was the latter). Oh well .. the mind goes where it does.

I left the models up on Shapeways without meaning to and had someone purchase some of the O scale hoists. He asked how they might theoretically be motorized so I came up with something. I removed the items from Shapeways aa they were designed for Rusty Stumps Scale Models – the kit now sold under the Rail Scale Models name.

Motor and gearbox

This design has a simple bracket that bolts to the side of the hoist frame. The image far right image has that face toward the camera

3D view

Here are a couple views of the moto/gearbox mounted to the hoist

The left view is exported directly from Sketchup while the one on the right was rendered in Kerkythea.

I honestly think this will work just fine for a model .. if we focus more on modeling and less on actual reality!


The O scale hoist with the motor and gearbox assembly glued up and a quick spritz of paint for an equally quick and dirty photo.

I think it reasonably looks like something that … might have been.

The other five copies are still on the supports

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