I worked with Walt Gillespie of Rusty Stumps on his Overhead Crane. I went completely nuts after that working on my own version.

This is a semi-early version.

Truck – V1

The early version was created with the intention of having it printed at Shapeways in their Fine Detail Plastic on their Material Jetting printer which uses a support wax .. meaning you don’t worry about things like supports that need designing around.

  • The bracket sits on top of the channels.
  • The channels are connected by tubes
  • The cast guides for the I-Beams are part of the channels
  • There are only four bearings/wheels and not symmetrical. I am sure I had a reason for this .. that reason has been lost in the depths of time.

Honestly .. I like doing CAD. To me .. it is as much part of the hobby as any of the other parts such as the physical modeling.

Truck – V2 Working

Thought I should post up a “Working” drawing.

  • I-Beam Guide : I split these into two and made them to fit the opening between the channels.
  • Separator : I replaced the original tubing separators with separators as this would be easier to print. I extended down from the original brackets.
  • I added an additional bearing and spaced everything better.
  • At this point I am still arranging the various bits and pieces so the NBW are all still individual objects.