This will be the parent page for what I am going to call “Tools” – which should cover a lot. In particular I am going to start by creating a page about a Negative Ion Generator I purchased off of eBay .. and go from there.

Static Grass Applicator

Static grass is a great scenic item. Getting it to stand up can be done manually with clumps by pinching a bunch in your fingers and sticking in glue, or by the old puffer bottle method (Noch) - or by using a Static Grass Applicator which uses a Negative Ion Generator. How to make a...

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RTV and Resin Casting

Info I want to get into this so I'm going to use this area of my blog to assemble all the bits and pieces. I have a vacuum chamber which I have used a bit - and a pressure pot which I have not. To start with, take a look at the following video which...

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