Static grass is a great scenic item. Getting it to stand up can be done manually with clumps by pinching a bunch in your fingers and sticking in glue, or by the old puffer bottle method (Noch) – or by using a Static Grass Applicator which uses a Negative Ion Generator.

How to make a Static Grass Applicator – some links :

  • How to Make a Homemade Static Grass Applicator for Model Train Scenery : This article shows using an Electric Fly Swatter from Harbor Freight. It works – I have made a couple using the Harbor Freight Fly Swatter – sometimes it works great – sometimes not so much. I think it depends on a bunch of things .. the power of the system, the brand and height of the static grass you are using, the size of the mesh in the strainer etc.
  • Static Grass Applicator – This is another applicator built using the Harbor Freight electric fly swatter – enough different from the above to add to the list.
  • Static Grass Applicator (Body) – How To – Model Railroad : This is ‘Version 1’ of a static grass applicator built by Luke Towan of Boulder Rail Road Creek.
  • Static Grass Applicator – Professional Tools for Modelers : Version 2 of a static grass applicator by Luke Towan. His improvements are smaller profile, more robust connection to the wire mesh, dual power supply, LED and rocker switch. My only issue with this design is his use of screw-on PVC pipe fittings – when he is screwing his pipe together his seems to thread all the way – the pipe I find here in the US has tapered threads and I can’t get it to do that! Is the PVC pipe in Australia have a straight thread?

High-Voltage Negative Ion Generator

I purchased this off of eBay for $6.54 -the listing is for a "DC 12V to 20000V20KV High-Voltage Electrostatic Generator Negative Ion Generator".  Elsewhere it says the brand is 3M and the UPC:  0930012950010Package Included: 1PC*DC 12V to 20000V High-Voltage Electrostatic Generator Negative Ion Generator Description: Input voltage: DC 12V Output voltage: 15000V-20000V adjustable Rated...

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DRRR Static Grass Applicator – V1

OVERVIEW I purchased a High-Voltage Negative Ion Generator off of eBay and my plan is to develop my own version of a Static Grass Applicator (SGA). To the left is the wiring diagram from Luke Towan's V2 Static Grass Applicator. The circuit allows one to choose between battery power or via a 12v power supply....

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