I purchased this off of eBay for $6.54 -the listing is for a “DC 12V to 20000V20KV High-Voltage Electrostatic Generator Negative Ion Generator”.  Elsewhere it says the brand is 3M and the UPC:  0930012950010Package Included:
1PC*DC 12V to 20000V High-Voltage Electrostatic Generator Negative Ion Generator
Input voltage: DC 12V
Output voltage: 15000V-20000V adjustable
Rated power: 5W
Mounting hole diameter: 5mm
Hole center distance: 112mm
Size: 130*20*30mm
Note: Small red and black line is input, red is 12V power supply positive input, black is negative input, thick red line is high voltage positive output, thick black line is high voltage negative output.

Note: That should pretty much be what is needed to start experimenting with the thing

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Hi. Thanks for taking the time to reply and setting up a means for discussing this thing!
I’d gleamed the wire configuration from the eBay auction as well, but I’m starting to suspect my unit might just be DOA.
Can’t seem to get any reaction out of it. Neither output lead returns anything when measured, nor do I get any arcing when connecting to ground, as should be the case.


You’re absolutely right. I don’t know whether I’d dialed the potentiometer a few too many turns in the wrong direction, or if I just straight up wasn’t paying close enough attention on the last attempt, but this time around it worked just fine. As far as the size goes, I was planning on opting for some PVC piping as demonstrated in a handful of the other DIY applicators around the web. Had to grind away the plastic lip protruding from the perimeter on the wire-side of the unit, and break off the mounting ears, but after that it fit quite… Read more »