Fig 20

In the end I was happy with the result (Fig 20).

The painting came out just like I wanted. The wheels and tires also came out great and I think the end result is a model that is much more scale appearing than the original. If I were to do this again I would take more time with the body such as thinning the inside of the walls that the window are cut through .. and perhaps 3D printing the window framing and perhaps a new radiator shell but this is “Good Nuff”.

In the end the wheels were simply too delicate but that is one of those “Lesson’s Learned” with note taken of the material and process used to create them.


Fig 21

I used my pier to pose the model for this photo. Looks good to me (Fig 21).


Fig 22

In the end the wheels were simply too delicate .. too .. scale. The spokes are only 1mm dia – in O scale about about a 2″ dia spoke. Printed by Shapeways in what they called FUD at the time .. now Fine Detail Plastic they lasted long enough for some photos and then promptly broke at just a bit of pressure. Oh well. I junked the truck in a ditch just before my bridge and across the tracks from Juke’s.

Fig 23

Looking across the river to the truck (Fig 23).

  • The small building on the right is a pumphouse (A M Models #901). The plan is to run a pipe up to the On18 water tank (not built yet) on the upper level.
  • The board walk ending at the truck needs steps. I may get to that at some point.
  • The stone wall behind the pumphouse is from New England Brownstone.
  • The bridge to the left is scratchbuilt/kitbashed using Girders from a Central Valley HO Plate Girder Bridge.
  • The bridge waaay in the back is completely scratchbuilt for the On18 line.
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