Welcome to the Deep River Railroad. I had to re-start my personal website after my etraxx.com ended up in some kind of internet prison .. lost in some kind of DNS madness.

So enjoy and join in. One of the reasons I went with a WordPress website was so everyone could join in the discussion as I believe that opening up a discussion allows greater insight. I will be allowing comments to most if not all pages so .. join in.

Heads up for my MicroMimesis.com store. I am selling 3D stuff that I made for my own use or items that  people wanted me to do. My normal modeling scale is 1:48 but I have done thing in 1:160, 1:120, 1:87, 1:64 and 1:24
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Mike Fyten

Very nice web site .I’m a S scale guy, but most of what you make is very adaptable to S.

gary wise

i guess you got on ok

gary wise