Gilbert and Barker T-176

I found this 10-gallon Visible Gas Pump with some basic dimensions. I simplified these dimensions, rounding off. This gave me a starting point since I am not focused on an exact copy but something close. Think of a company copying a comptitor.

With a drawing such as this I can simply import it into Skechup where I can then trace the drawing which can be scaled to match the dimensions as shown.

Body – working

Working. The body of the pump mostly done. There is a lever on one side .. think it is to operate a pump. Not even going to try and print that. What I will most likely do is make the lever from copper wire and simply model the bits where it attaches.

The walls vary from about .76mm-1mm (I forgot to do this before spinning the body and added the open area {to create the walls) as an afterthought. Not a concern .. .7mm is ok and I added the internal braces in any case.

Openings in the center are for wire to the LED in the globe.

The top of the pump body may be modified though – have an idea for the indicator markers which might require that modification.

Indicator marker – Working

While it may be possible to create a scale copy of the indicator marker that sits in the gas pump bowl it would of necessity be ‘clunky’. The problem for me is that if I can put an LED into the globe I need to run the wires up through the bowl. .

Creating an indicator marker as shown with a hollow to run the wire may work .. or may not. The idea is to merge the hollow indicator marker into the bowl which would create a bowl with a hollow bowl with the hollow the shell of the indicator. I then may be able to paint this hollow ssi it would appear to be mounted inside the globe and allow a wire to pass through unseen.Will this work? Have no idea really . but worth an attempt at the least.

  • The resis is not really clear but .. call it .. translucent. My original design had thin walls so the bowl was much like the original .. a tube. This design may simply be too much resin to represent glass
  • The opening is small measuring only 1.424mm/0.056″. I certainly can’t get a brush in there. A tooth pick used to put drops of paint (silver) followed by running a thread through to distribute the pigment .. perhaps ..
  • Such a small hole needs to be when dry, open enough for wire leads

Globe and Frame – Working

The globe is also made to print in clear resin being hollow. The opening at the bottom is 1mm in dia. A 603 SMD LED is only about .8mm wide.

Whether a single small 603 SMD LED would provide enough light or perhaps it will only light one side. Donno. Worth experimenting to if nothing else provide a basis for future design work.

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