Manhole Covers and Rings

I cover them in some detail on another page – Manhole Covers

Version 1

Fig 1

This was a test print (Fig 1) to see how much spacing if any between the Base Ring and the Manhole Cover. While the .1mm clearance worked .. it barely did so .. more of a snap fit I suppose. The .3mm was best and I determined that in “Real Life” the Base Ring is between a 1/2″ and 3/4″ larger than the Manhole Cover. For 3D prints that translates into about .4mm

I immediately called this V1 as looking at diagrams I found that the covers would be more like 22-3/4″ diameter rather than 24″. That’s not much of a difference but I went ahead and modified that design to the smaller size covers.

Mimesis 125 v1

Fig 2

I liked the US Foundry Ring 125 (Fig 2) enough to create a version of it which I called Mimesis 125 (Fig 3).

Note: The recess is shown with a 24.6 mm ID. I modified this to 24.476 mm so there is a .4 mm clearance over the cover’s 24.076 mm dia. This might seem like a small thing but it does make a difference visually.


There are a gazillion designs for Manhole Covers. This is just one of them.

The M-AZ stands for Mimesis-AZ (AZ is just something in the US Foundry catalog that looked vaguely similar). I will use the same basic design and replace Sewer with other names.

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