This photo was taken just a block or so from my house. This is the Lid with offset manhole cover to a Catch Basin. There is also a lift sitting on top of the Catch Basin that raises the Lid up about 18″ which creates openings for water to enter the storm drain system.


I made a variety of 60″ sq. catch basins in various heights along with risers a lift and two lid styles in both O scale and S scale. This is a look at the S scale versions printed in PLA.


This is all well and good .. but I wanted to use an O scale version of the Lift and Lid on my layout. The problem being that my layout is dated c.1920 .. ish. Still .. about the time concrete was first being used to any extent. Thinking about it I figured that the concept should have existed .. I have seen a drawing of a Curb Inlet from 1905 that is not much different than ones used today.

With that in mind I created this brick Lid Lift and am printing on my resin printer.


This is the second version of the brick lift. The first one was too weak as I had made the walls 1 mm thick but had left the space between open. Ver 2 has braces so it is much stronger. I also added more and thicker supports as Ver 1 sagged just a bit .. which honestly would not have been a problem since that part will be below ground and unseen. Still .. might as well two problems rather than just one.


I have a bottle of craft acrylic labeled “Iron Oxide”. Have no idea what brand but is either Apple Barrel or FolkArt .. no biggie .. is a red “brick color” and is acrylic. I plan to use MIG Dark Wash which is an enamel. That should allow me to use a cotton swab moistened with thinner to remove the wash from the faces of the brick without affecting the acrylic.