Jigs, stuff to help with modeling etc.

EZ Lok Threaded Inserts

FL-256-HI I purchased `00 of these for use with a 3D print. They are available in multiple sizes for both SAE and Metric. I went for the smallest I could find - some for 2-56 threads. EZ Lok FL-256-HI, 2-56 Straight Ultrasonic Insert, Flanged - Lot of 100 Since this was the first time I...

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12-30 ga Hole Test Print

Concept Resin prints shrink. How much depends on the specific resin used along with other factors such as the shape of the piece being printed. I was talking with Walt Gillespie of Rusty Stumps about this .. specifically small holes being different from what the CAD drawing specified. Since I was having the same problem...

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