Section II – Supply and Jig Tanks

Supply and Jig Tanks

Section II – Consists of two major parts: A Supply Tank – Filled with water continuously (recycled from the Settling Tank) and the Jig tank – an agitator. This is the working part of the Washery .. the agitation separates the coal and shale. What it is .. is a large metal tank mounted on eccentrics. Like some kind of enormous washing machine it agitates the crushed coal, shale, clay and dirt letting everything not coal (heavier) drop away through the grating. Coal being lighter is agitated off to the Settling Tank.

There is a metal chute that directs the coal from the Jig Tank to the Settling Tank, a Refuse Elevator .. a continuous bucket left carrying off the rock and dirt and a wonderful assortment of pulleys and belts.

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