Section II – Part I

Jig Tank StRinger

The Jig Tank Stringers are made from 1/4″ square stripwood. Since there’s no heavy structural pieces to lock them in place I will have to make a jig for that.

Since the washery was designed from an old plan and the measurements are therefore generated from that .. AND .. since everything will fit to this the dimensions are nominal I suppose.

The only dimensions in fact, that need to be precise are the areas dapped for the vertical posts and need to be 1/4″ – probably … matched at least to the actual dimensions of the nominal 1/4″ stripwood I will use. I have measured variations of as much as .003″ on basswood but I prefer using 1/4″ square dowel from Lowes made from popular – so .. yeah .. check the dimensions.

Jig Tank Bottom

I placed the Jig Tank Stringers 2.750″ apart as measured to the outside.

Since there is nothing to set that distance we need a couple of gauges – as shown in green. Locking one onto the ends of the Jig Tank Stringers to keep them in gauge. With this done the Jig Tank Bottom boards can be installed. The last board may have to be cut to whatever width is necessary to complete the bottom.

The boards are 12″x3″ / 0.250″x0.062″.

Jig & Supply Tanks Vertical Supports

Next, the 1/4″ stock that forms the vertical supports.

Four of the Jig Tank supports red) are 4.021″; two of the Jig Tank supports (orange) and the two Supply Tank supports (green) are 4.125″ long.

The two 4.125″ Jig Tank supports (orange) and the two 4.125″ Supply Tank supports (green) fit into the notches in the Jig Tank Stringers while the other four 4.021″ Jig Tank supports (red) sit on the Jig Tank Bottom boards. They fit into the Intermediate Stringers #2 and #4 (blue).

At this point I am just trying to show the relationship of the parts. The multitude of notches in these two Intermediate Stringers need to be cut early on. The 4.125″ Vertical supports glued into them securely at the appropriate notches before gluing their bases to the Jig Tank Support bottom.

(Note: The Jig Tank Gauges we used to align the Jig Tank Stringers (lower) can be used again to keep the Intermediate Stringers #2 and #4 in gauge while everything glues up.)


  • The nominal 4.021″ (red) supports can then be fitted as needed. Their actual length depends on the thickness of the boards used for the Jig Tank Support bottom. I used a 3″ (0.062″ O scale) thick board for the bottom in my plan.
  • The current measurement between the upper and lower stringers is 4.042″. I can’t remember but I can guess that this originally was an even 4″ – with that additional 0.042″ creeping in at some point – this being the amount that I have notched into the beams. I may change this from 4.042″ to 4″ later.
  • If I change this dimension it will of course affect others such as the 4.125″ Jig Tank vertical supports which would (since it fits into a notch top and bottom) to 4.084″ .. and so on .. and so forth-
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