I needed to start filling in the area to the left of the bridge. The plan was for the buildings to ‘crawl’ up the slope .. I like fitting structures to pre-existing terrain. Since I only had about 12 in. to play with this included compression and an attempt(s) to fool the eye. The area circled in red was where I wanted to try next – the small structure sitting on the rock would move to one side and be replaced.


I started with trying to fit a small structure into the area. A chunk of rock just out a bit where an abutment is anchored. This means that it made sense (to me) to taper the back side of the building to fit around this rock. Behind and slightly left was room for a small rectangle.


Pulling the camera back to look at the structure from the front. That bit of rock it sits on was placed there simply to add interest. It’s my belief that a structure going vertical adds quite a bit to the visual ‘goodness’ of the thing. The right side is just wide enough for a door. There would be stairs inside . Not sure what the tower is for .. I had a vague idea of using that to reach the upper level.

There are no windows or doors shown as they would be added later as needed or makes sense. I would use Tichy parts (that was the plan at least).

Foam Board, Notches and Tabs

I next took the drawing apart (this is in Sketchup) and then pulled the walls into the same 5mm thickness as the Foam Board.

I created notches and tabs so everything would lock together. This took a while but was actually quite fun. These notches and tabs allow assembling the structure without glue as Foam Board is so easy to work with makes a lot of sense to me.

Originally I had intended to build this out of brick – that’s why the flat/recessed roof.

That worked to strengthen the structure even after I later decided to roof over the sucker.


Here’s another place where using Sketchup comes in handy.

I spun all the bits and pieces around so they face out and printed them out full size. I then glued them to a piece of black Foam Board. I used a low-tack spray glue so I could remove the paper later.

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