Available Space

I only had a small space to work with. I didn’t want to extend the structure past the bottom of the bridge abutment and block the alley and the width between the abutment and road placed limits there.

It was a bit of a surprise at how hard the plaster was to remove. I use a plaster I picked up at Hobby Lobby called “Pottery Plaster”. This is about half the compression strength as Hydrocal .. which means it is still strong stuff .. and readily available.

Leveling the base

I used Foam Board with the original intent of using cardstock to make the clapboard. Helpfully .. I found a stock of clapboard scraps that I had from Walt Gillespie. Sweet. The foam core though worked great to make sure the extension would fit.

Making a flat base. The little level is a Swanson product I got from Lowes. A little Saranwrap prevents sticking to the plaster.


I realized I could use the Foam Board for a foundation for the building. I had planned to use brick .. I had an order for Monster Model Works O scale brick but it had not arrived yet. It was at this time that concrete would work too. The black line is simply the width of the ruler.

Note: When finished I realized that I could have simply used a piece of wood the right size and saved time. Oh well.


I cut the Foam Board where I drew the black line and then glued in a top and bottom made from task board. I mixed up some acrylic gel and powered grout for texture. I the painted with Folk Art Chalk ‘Sheepskin; color. AI wash and Khaki paint wash to finish off. The fit is pretty good but I will add a skip coat of plaster and Cling Wrap.

On a side note .. needed to do that with the main structure to get a better fit.


The concrete base is not glued down yet but color has been added here and there. I was thinking I might just put some plaster under and press down so it squishes out a bit to make a nice fit .. although I kinda sorta like the crack between the concrete and ground .. you see that sometimes. I think about halfway between the two would work.

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