I printed some exhaust fans .. they came out nice. Here .. playing around with a way to mount them using a small “bump out” structure.

The white part will be hidden by Widget Supply.

I took a second look at this version and realized later that there was no reason for the fans/exhaust in that location since they would be basically exhausting the open deck.

Exhaust & power

This was the next version. I moved the exhaust shack to the front down just above the door and put in a transformer platform up on top.

I added a frame for the water tank from an older project. It doesn’t fit right but is useable as a place holder.

The exhaust shack has a pair of exhaust fans (the grills are from the jail windows from Rusty Stumps O scale Hoosegow. The transformers are some I had printed off long, long ago. I think I still have some hidden away. If not .. I have the CAD file and the ability to print more.

It was at this point viewing from this angle that I decided it was too busy up front with room on three sides that could be utilized and make the scene more balanced.

Transformer Platform

While cleaning the house some this morning I opened up SU and the Widget Supply Extension That way while having to do the mundane .. vacuum, wash dishes, clean the litter box .. I can stop by the computer .. squint one eye at the image and think ..”OOO .. I can do .. THIS ..”

I moved the transformer platform to the left side. I had grabbed an old SU file that had the platform up high on round poles and modified it. Looking at it now I thought it would work better if I eliminated the vertical posts and bolt through to the large posts that support the water tank framing. I needed to have something over the clapboards thick enough to let the transformers clear – which he posts do.

There … IS .. the issue of being able to lean out and touch the high-voltage bushings .. which even in pre OSHA would be a .. bad .. thing.

Reason I am posting this is just to show how the process works with a CAD program .. you can virtually build a model before actually taking knife to stripwood and work out a lot of the issues prior to building something.

More Changes

Sent some time today working on the tower. Reworked the tank frame to fit. Did a lot of wok on the transformer platform expanding it so it covers the entire side and leaves an opening in between for access .

The tank is rusted metal .. simply because that was easier to draw. It might become wood . and might not.

I moved the exhaust shack up. Need to change the supports to 45° (I had squeezed them to a shallower angle earlier when the shack was above the door)

This *might* seem to be a waste of time but really it is not as I can generate scale plans from it.

A closer look at the transformer platform.

I added three high-voltage insulators. Again .. somewhere .. I had some of these printed. I still have the CAD for them.

I added access to the platform via a crawlspace. I suspect that in “real life” that door would have a nice padlock to keep idiots and/or kids off the transformers.

as well as the aforementioned wire barrier.

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