I received a request to see if I could 3D print some 1:24 parts …

What I’m building is U.S. version dry bulk semi trailer. All the fitting, flanges, elbows, tee’s and other fittings are 6″ but 1:24
— 64tbolt427 —

Fig 1

Fig 1 shows the system which helps make the photos easier to understand. It also supplies names for the different parts (I only just found this so I will have to go through and correctly identify the various parts.

The gentleman added photos of what he wants which I am posting below. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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The gallery above is pretty and all but does little to help visualize what we are working on. Below I am putting the photos individually. Click the thumbnails for a larger photo. I am going to refer back to the diagram at the top of the page to help match the diagram to the parts in the photos. I will do so as (Part Name) – again .. I welcome corrections and additions to his search for information.


Fig 2

The second diagram (Fig 2)  shown here is less detailed than the first diagram (Fig 1) and some of the names ‘appear’ to me to be different. I have no problem with that .. such things happen. I will use whichever appears useful. The red lines do seem to be very precise where they point – at least to me.


Fig 3

The hopper is centered in the photo (Fig 3). We can see the (Hopper Tee) that hangs from it. There is just a bit of a handle sticking out from behind the Tee. It may be part of the Tee or similar to the other handle behind and left. The main pipe (Product Line) hangs below that. The Tee and those pipes are connected with a rubber sleeve which is secured with hose clamps (in diagram 2 these seem to be ‘Quick Release Couplers’. My ‘assumption’ is at some point these were replaced by the hose clamps.) In the center of those sleeves the rubber bulges up a bit. Attached to the hopper itself are some white plastic canisters (I am going to call them ‘Aeration Hose Canisters’) with what I assume is a valve handle. They have a black hose (Aeration Hose) run to them .. at least two that I can see in the photo, again secured with hose clamps. You can just barely see a hose run over to the other side .. out of view.


Fig 4

The other side of the endmost (Hopper Tee). Just a bit of the casting between the Tee and the hanger bracket can be seen.


Fig 5

Lots to see in this photo (Fig 5). The relative size of the two pipes are hard tell as the upper pipe (hot hose) is closer to the camera with the (product line) lower. To the left we see the pipe curve toward the camera. A bracket hangs from the frame which supports the (Bottom Product Valve Drop Gate) – the handle obvious with a shaft extending to the (Drop Gate). We can see a square flange on the end of the (hot pipe} and a pit of pipe coming off of the pipe and running up and out of sight.


Fig 6

Again, the (hot pipe) is closer to the camera. Coming off the pipe are (Aeration Valves) with the (Aeration Hoses) running over to the hoppers.

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gary wise

i use to pull a few of those there several different types google bulk trailers and trailers and you will find them

Gary Wise

I have pulled a few of those there are several different. Type’s

Todd Monroe

I’m truly blown away!…..truly! Those parts are perfect from what I can see and cant wait to get them. I’m so excited that this project is finally coming together. I’ve been trying to collect the parts to build this for over a year now and can’t believe you alone have gotten me there. Cant tell you how much I thank you for this. Tell me what I owe you, how you prefer payment, and I’ll get you what you need. Are you ok with me letting others know that you might have the parts available to build one of these?… Read more »

Todd Monroe

Ok Ed I’ll look over everything tonight then get back to you. I’ll get a better count on everything to. Thank you so much.

Todd Monroe

It looks to me you have everything covered Ed. At least for now. I might take some xtra elbows (all of them) and a few of the elbows with the valve. The one I’m doing is a three hopper unit but I’m very good taking enough extra parts to do a four hopper unit. What you have in the final picture is exactly what I want just like I said maybe 2 elbows with valves instead of one and one or two xtra of each elbow. Looks perfect to me where do I send the money lol. But seriously I’m… Read more »

Todd Monroe

Hi I’m ready to place my order but so I dont miss them when your ready to start selling them I’m not 100% sure where to look for them. If maybe you could drop me a message when there available and where to go to get them I’d really appreciate it very much. Thank you,Todd

Shannon Franklin

id love to have a set myself…

Shannon Franklin

I have received my parts in a fast-shipping manner, and they are phenomenal !!! I’m enjoying scratch-building the frame and all of the plumbing currently. Thanks so much, and the Manholes are absolutely beautiful !!!