I model in 1:48 – US O scale. Over time I have created models in various scales for friends and customers. This is an attempt to consolidate just a bit

There is some (sometimes quite a bit) of cross-over with my 3D printing. To see specific “3D Printed Railroad Stuff” .. click the link

Model Scales

Overview I was researching On18 items such as coulers and trucks and it came to me that linking to useful information would be helpful: On18 Summary of differences between On18 and O9 for beginners

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O Scale Clearance Gauges

Overview This is taken and modified from the NMRA S-7 Clearances. It states that "NMRA Type II Gages used the Old Time dimensions for Narrow Gauge gages.". With that in mind since I model in On30, I thought to create gages for O scale - Old Time/On3 since the NMRA so nicely provided the needed...

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Diesel, Electric, Steam = all gauges

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