Hood Examples

On the left we have my MicroMimesis GP7-ish high-hood cab with the first draft of a high-hood to go with it. Note that the hood is 1.21″ wide per earlier discussion. The front deck is .625″ (30″ full-scale) wide.

On the right we have the Atlas U23B cab. The opening in the front of the cab is 1.52″ wide. The short hood shown was made to fit that width. The frame/chassis is an earlier version lacking the piece across the front as I did with the frame on the left.

A look under the hood (heh)

On the left you can see I added a piece across the front to strengthen the frame/chassis and act as the lower half of the high-hood.

On the right is the earlier version frame/chassis without the added piece. Notice that the mechanism runs right up against the end. Adding the piece would lengthen the short-hood by that amount.

View from the back

A quick look at the two designs from the rear. I just extended the draft short-hood to create the long hood for the far engine. Closer you can see the large opening in the back of the cab. This 1.52″ width of course was for the original standard gauge hood. To use this cab the opening would have to be closed up or the long hood would have to taper back to the 1.21″ width.

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